Bring out the big guns!

Two games in, and the prospect of 1942 next bearing down on me – I think it’s time to get out the big guns. By that, I of course mean THIS:

The mighty X-arcade!

I’ve had this chap for years now, and it really does make a difference. Thing is, it’s as unwieldy as a 2 foot lump of wood, because, well basically it IS a 2 foot lump of wood. So, as much as I loved him, he had to go and live in the loft.

Not now, he’s out and proud – all he’s missing is a rainbow coloured flag or something.

Had this thing now what feels like a thousand years and I am sad to say it barely gets a look in. It’s just so unweildy and massive, not really practical to have on the old desktop. Absolutely wonderful piece of kit though and 1942 really does demand a good joystick to play. Hmmmm, maybe I should dust it off after all

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