As of 2011 – i’ve been lucky enough to go to FUNSPOT a further two more times and I still haven’t given up hope on making this year my 4th in total. It remains the same magical place that it did all them years ago, so I’ve enjoyed reading through my original account back in 2007 and have left it pretty much as is….

So, FUNSPOT then. bloody marvelous. A short leap over a load of water and Americaland was with us.

For those that don’t know, FUNSPOT is a big fuck off arcade in the middle of New Hampshire. Last week was the yearly retro arcade tournament and we popped over to see what all the fuss was about, and lend our support to our very own Missile Command champion. Anyway, fun was had by all – but that’s a story for another time and place. Most importantly I got a chance to have a good old chat with Walter Day, the founder of twingalaxies and an all round great guy.

You see, Walter has just released the second edition of his book, namely thus:

This book essentially holds the details of the current arcade records for each and every game that they keep track of – and it is this that will prove key in my mission to become good enough to challenge the best at a variety of arcade machines.

You see, it’s quite simply laid out – with the games listed in alphabetical order with the list of records underneath each one. My idea is simply this: I will try each and every one of the games in the list (from over 4000!) in the comfort of my own home using the marvel of MAME emulation, with the aim of seeing just how feasible the scores listed are. I’m convinced that there are LOADS of records in that book that are simply there in the absence of a) anyone being arsed to play the machine, b) anyone being able to find one of the bloody things in real life to get the record on.

It’s worth mentioning that there are also MAME records for most of the games recorded within the book, but i’m not interested in them, I want the real things.

So – throughout this blog thing, I will be taking each and every game in turn, sticking it on and seeing what sort of score the record actually turns out to be. Will I get good enough on any of them to get a record? Probably not, but maybe one of us will.

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