Game 5: 2 on 2 Open Ice Challenge (Midway, 1995)

Playing rules: Difficulty: 5 (Medium). Game Timer speed: Normal. Tournament mode: ON

Current Record holders:
1st: 4 Goal (7-3)- Mr Kelly R.Flewin - 2005
2nd: 1 Goal (4-3) - Chris Brush - 1999

Ok, look. It’s obvious to me, and it should be obvious to most people. This isn’t really a game where you can get legitimate records from is it? I mean really. The effort that has been made to try and get this game in the book is clear, but it’s just a load of old bollocks frankly. Almost half a page is spent explaining how it works (essentially it’s the highest goal difference that makes the record) which is fine in itself but when you look into it a bit more there are many dopey things that make this record a bit rubbish:

1) You only control ONE player on a field of six. Three on each side including netminders (look at me, again knowing the terms – goalies to you and I) . Essentially this means that you have a CPU player on your side that you have little or no influence over.
2) You have to pay 2 credits for EACH PERIOD, so thats 6 credits for a whole game. Ok, in virtual MAME-land who cares? However, in real machine land they can go do one if they think I’m going to pay that amount of money on just a single game
3) The game itself is rubbish (have I mentioned that?). Really really bad.
4) There are TWO records for this game. That’s right, the listing above isnt a mistake – just two. If that wasn’t bad enough – the lowest record (which was the actual record for 6 years remember) is winning a match by just a SINGLE GOAL. I mean, come on now.

Anyway, I did try. Honestly I did. I started a game with the best intentions, and despite the little value I put on the record I had a go. I lasted a single period. The sprites are stupidly large, the play area stupidly small and the speed is ridiculously fast. To further compound matters the CPU player on my own team wouldn’t fucking pass to me. I’m no expert on ice hockey (although I did follow a local team for a while) but I would say that’s a pretty bloody fundamental aspect of the game. Even more so seeing as I’m the muggins paying their fucking wages!

Score: 0-1 after 1 period

Insert extra credit to play the second period? Fuck my old boots.

13 thoughts on “Game 5: 2 on 2 Open Ice Challenge (Midway, 1995)

  1. I love this game (I love all the Midway wolf unit games) and have the PCb – never played it in MAME.

    I agree that this is not a game that can have records (similarly NBA Jam shouldn’t have records)

    For a start the teams are weighted so I pretty sure the NJ Devils are considered the best in the game

    I made it to and won the Stanley Cup using the St Louis Blue Notes ( a mid range team)

    As for CPU passing – i remember that if you hit pass when the CPU player has the puck they should pass it to you

    A great game for hockey nostlagists

  2. Maybe i have been a bit harsh on the game to be fair – I must say, i’ve been the opposite to you Ric – i’ve never liked the Midway wolf unit games unless it was in some sort of drunken multiplayer with a few mates.
    Sitting at home playing MAME isn’t the best way to play this for sure.

  3. and to reciprocate on the nitpicking.. It’s goaltenders not minders 😉

    netminder would suffice if you happen to be Canadian..

  4. ha! We do have ice hockey in the UK as well (well, at a very low level) – I used to go and watch the “Lea Valley Lions” every Sunday.

    “And they’ve pulled the netminder!”

    goaltender sounds like he should be behind a bar.

  5. The CPU will pass the ball to you ONLY if you press the pass button. And you can make him shoot if you press the shoot button, though I believe he will shoot anyway if he finds it’s a good spot to shoot.

    This game was based on NBA Jam. They tried to do the same to hockey that they had done with Basketball with NBA Jam.

  6. Oh man no love for the Midway! This kind of thing is right in my wheelhouse, being born in 84 – I’m thinking you’re a bit older? Games like this that used oversized sprites and had lightning-fast gameplay were the hot new thing that were coming out at my most impressionable age (nostalgia-wise), so to me, this is like, the bees knees. To be fair though you are right in that you really need some mates and some drinks to properly enjoy it.

  7. A good 9 years older in fact, man that makes me feel old.

    To be honest, I’ve never got on with the Midway sports games – NBA Jam’s million versions never tempted me as it looked like a bit of a mess.

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