Lets Skip again, like we did last summer

This one wasn’t so easy a decision.

Area 51  (Atari, 1995)

Although this game is fully playable within MAME, playing with a mouse just doesn’t compare in any reasonable way with playing with a lightgun. Twin that with the fact that the game is an absolute dog (which is made even less playable with the mouse due to reloading issues), skipping is the only way.

5 thoughts on “Lets Skip again, like we did last summer

  1. What’s happened to the quest? Have you been a bit busy with real work? Looking forward to the next update.

    Area 51 was really awful. I have a feeling that there are a few horrendous lightgun games that you may need to avoid. Deadly Enforcers and Mad Dog McCree spring to mind. (Does MAME even do laserdisc titles?!)

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