How’s it going to work then?

Looking through the old “beginning” I had quite a rigid structure in mind. Funny how these things evolved, it soon became something a little more freeform than all that. To be honest the scores became secondary to just having a laugh with the games and that was reflected not only in the writing but also the length of each post (which was kind of my update downfall if I’m honest).

Anyway, more on all that as we go – here was the original plan, and still works as a guide to what I am looking to achieve and all that…

Right – this is how it is going to work.

Starting from the beginning of the book – I will play each game in turn. I will post the following here:

Game rules
World record score
Position and score of the last entry on the list (i.e the lowest score needed to get on the list as it stands)
Details of how I did, and what it’s all about – including MAME version used


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