Shit. What the hell has happened to

Tell you what would be a good idea thought I – why don’t I check the scores on the official twingalaxies website as well as use the ones in the book? I mean, the book is a few years old right – want to keep with the times and all that.

Fuck me, what in shitting christ has happened to Now, I know our good friend Walter isn’t the head man anymore (good luck with that music by the way my good man) and it was never a beauty to begin with, but wow. Just wow.

It’s like the 90’s are back again, bringing every ancient, horrible website convention along for the ride. I am actually surprised there isn’t any blinking text or midi music.

All I wanted to do was check some scores, but now they have decided that you can only do that if you are registered? I mean really guys, that sucks major balls. If trying to read through the eye bleeding layout wasn’t enough, that’s just a kick in the teeth.

So, twingalaxies – honestly, give me a call and I’ll sort your website out for you for free. Shit, give my mum a call, she’ll have a better go than you have at the moment.


4 thoughts on “Shit. What the hell has happened to

  1. I agree with you. Also , It’s a safe bet that not many people go to bed every night, just dying to know who the champion Pooyan player is. OK, maybe a few diehard, old school, late 30 & 40-something retro gamers might be interested, but as for the younger generation, I doubt it. If by chance they did, I don’t think they have the patience to sign-up, just to check the freak’n score. I am curious if site traffic has diminished since the shitty, page “upgrade”.
    On an unrelated note, I am disappointed with Twingalaxies refusal to allow the use of many, various/assorted emulators, for registering official high scores. If anything, it only hinders interest in retro game high score keeping. Take for instance the Bally Astrocade. It was far from being a popular console when it was released. 34 years later, it’s practically obscure. Yet, they have a high score section for it that for all intent purposes, is devoid of any high scores. If they would allow the MESS emulator, while not a perfect solution (I wish they’d allow MORE emulators) that would cover a good range of consoles/PCs. I know there are a good many retro gaming purists who stick with real vintage consoles, but more people have & use emulators than the real thing. I just wish they’d allow a few more emulators.
    PS: OMG! I just read something on a forum. At least before the upgrade, they allowed Stella-Atari 2600, VICE-Commodore 64 & a Colecovision emulator. I’ve just read that with the exception of MAME, they’ve terminated support for ALL other emulators! Take for instance a game like Air Raider, for the Atari 2600. It’s extremely rare (as are many other Atari, Intellivision & other vintage games) & It sold at auction for $12,000! Termination of emulation pretty much ended any high score competition for that (& many other) particular game. What a bunch of bull shit. That has gotta be 1 of the all time dick moves ever perpetrated by any so called “retro game lover” . It’s disgusting. I will never register a score there. On a final note, went from being 1 of my all time favorite sites, to a site I will probably seldom, if ever visit. They broke my heart.

  2. I can sort of understand the stance on emulators, I mean the first thing you need in this game is a completely even field. However, it does seem a little backward in places.


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