The next game on the list in the book is “18-wheeler American pro trucker (SEGA, 2000)”.

This isn’t emulated under MAME and if i remember rightly, its the big fuck off arcade machine shaped like a truck (naturally). Therefore, we shall skip this baby, and move onto the next one, an old favorite – 1942

Funnily enough, I’ve seen this bugger in the flesh a few times now. I’m pretty sure one such occasion was down on the south coast in Brighton, but it *may* have also been at FUNSPOT. I will definitely be looking to give it a go next time I see it, probably need to work on the beer gut to do it proper justice mind.

One thought on “Skip-a-roonie

  1. Note, however, that 18 Wheeler can still be found in arcades, as it’s fairly common. (Probably more common in the south, though.)

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