what’s this all about then?

Ah bless, 4 years ago, this was how it all started…….

You may or may not of heard of a chap by the name of Tony Temple. Either way, read this: wayoftherodent article

A wonderful story and no mistake I think you’ll agree.

Now, as a fellow “rodent” and an avid retro arcade game player i wanted to know more about all this records business. I have to say, it only took a brief search before I was overwhelmed with pages and pages of arcade discussion – to such an extent that I am amazed that I didn’t come across it all before.

For the lazy or spoonfed among you, your main port of call is a site called “twingalaxies” – here

Quite a complicated site though to be fair, so it didnt really sink in as much as I expected and hoped it would do. You’ll find vastly convoluted discussions about dipswitches and settings and the like to dig through and i found it hard going.

So, frankly, I did bugger all and it all drifted away.

That was until I went to FUNSPOT last week.

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